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Love is the common thread that joins us all, its healing unifying power dissolving barriers, healing divides, bridging differences, and uniting one and all.

The Global Love Project is an international non-profit platform for honouring and celebrating humanitarian love to encourage a more united and compassionate world, with numerous facets, resources, initiatives, events and inspiration. Reaching over 100,000 people in over 80 countries, the Global Love Project is dedicated to heart-centered ventures cross-culturally that serve greater love and unification. These range from on-the-ground events and festivals for a coming together in common-unity, to holistic education for children in schools, and platforms for eco-awareness and conscious community networks.

Personal Transformation: Healing & Empowering the Self

The Global Love Project is passionate about helping people access more of the love that they are, the love they have for themselves, and the love that is ever there for them.

Free educational and inspirational material, including articles, audios, videos, and ebooks are shared via the online platform, exploring various faces and forms of love, including self-love, relationship love, and spiritual/divine love.

Global Transformation: Creating A Better World

The Global Love Project is passionate about creating opportunities that honour and celebrate humantarian love.

It includes the Global Love Community platform (www.GlobalLoveCommunity.com) and on-the-ground events such as the Global Love Festivals (www.GlobalLoveFestivals.com) and worldwide Global Love Gatherings (www.GlobalLoveIns.com).

Spiritual Perspectives

Spiritual perspectives are included in elements of the Global Love Project’s content. These perspectives do not abide to any religion, and the material is friendly and open to all regardless of spiritual or religious denomination, or absence of it.

Some concepts may be familiar, some new. Please only accept that which feels right and true to you.

Where we may refer to Source/The Universe/The Divine/Creator/God, please replace names with any you personally hold for the  that resonate with you. 

Our founding principle is that the Source of Life is one of unconditional love.



“None of the perspectives we present are intended as absolutes, so please only accept those which feel right and true for you.”